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Bella Furnishing deals with gypsum board painting services too. A gypsum board (also reffered to as drywall) comprises of a panel made up of gypsum plaster sandwiched b/w two thick sheets of paper and is used to make interior walls and ceilings. Our compendium of gypsum board related services also comprise drywall hangaing, taping.finishing, priming, repair, and drywall patching.

If there  are any  cracks,  holes or unevenness    in any of your wall or ceilings then there  is no need  for worry  especially  at this  instant  when   you are viewing    a web  portal      of premium  gypsum               board  painting               service                Whether            it’s  fire  or water  damage,                 our quality drywall               repair  services  will    leave  no  sign  of  modification.                               The professional               associated          to  Bella Furnishing      will      mask and cover damaged           area up  to  pink  of perfection.

There  is nothing  comparable   to  drywall/gypsum   board   painting   for  interior   decoration   in  terms   of  affordability   especially   if  Design Interior is preferred for it. The external appearance of  walls  manifolds  will  surely  get  involved.  The  trend  of  using  dry­ wall/gypsum board painting is increasing day by day and has revolutionized boh domestic and commercial interior designing.

Both fire resistant and environment friendly features of gypsum board give it more prominence.

Gypsum    Board  also  radiates   heat  and  reflects  sound waves  making     it a good                heat and sound  barrier.


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