Plantation shutters

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The Windows are the components that contribute to the over all reflection of your house, Shutters should express the style that represents you best While keeping in the spirit of your home’s style


The proper  shutters    for your  windows     results  in a perfect  source of warmth,  beauty  and  style.  More  than  that,  shutters   are very practical;  an excellent                  way to improve    airflow    and  light   at  home.  They  are low  maintenance,  allergy-free, and easy to  use.  Any  size  or  shape  of  window or  door  can benefit  from  the designer   look  of  shutters.   They  can be fitted                      internally,    externally, hinged,   sliding  or bi-folding.       They also pro­ tect  the windows  and  they  are  great  as sound   barrier  and  for not  letting  heat  out.

Shutters  are real  decorative  elements  that  are very  practical  and  offer  a special  elegance  to  house. They  provide  the  house  with  charm  and keep  your  intimacy  in good  hands  as well.  There  is no  home  that  cannot  be  enhanced  by the  simple,  timeless  design  of timber  shutters.   at Bella Furnishing you can choose the warmth of natural timber in range of stains.

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